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Recognizing the Holy Spirit at Work

Discovering how to join God at work in neighbourhoods.

One day, Jander and Tiffany strapped their two-week-old son in a baby carrier and went for a walk in their Calgary, Alberta, neighbourhood. That’s when Jander noticed an apple tree in a neighbour’s yard and the couple met Roger (name changed). Looking back, Jander can see how the Holy Spirit was at work.

Jander and Tiffany are members of Maranatha CRC’s Go Local cohort. A Resonate initiative, Go Local is an opportunity for believers to discover how to join God at work in their neighbourhoods.

“The church is not equivalent to a church building and what goes on in that facility,” said Karen Wilk, a Resonate Go Local cataylzer. “It looks like God’s people hanging out in their neighbourhoods … and in so doing, learning what it means to love God and their neighbours.”

When Jander and Tiffany knocked on their neighbour’s door that day, they met Roger, an elderly widower. As the three talked, Jander mentioned the tree in Roger’s yard. Roger graciously gave them a bag of apples.|

That night, Jander brought over an apple cake for Roger in thanks. Their friendship has only grown since then, visiting one another several times each week.

“Oftentimes, our visits [with Roger] would be prompted by [our son] asking for Roger,” said Jander. “We noticed a couple of times when we visited, Roger would say ‘this is just the most amazing time’ or ‘this is exactly what I needed.’” It was through conversations with the Go Local cohort that Jander started to realize his son’s calls were promptings from the Holy Spirit.

“The opportunity to reflect on it and talk about it is the most important part of [Go Local],” said Jander. “When you say something and someone else says, ‘Well, Jander that’s not random.’”

Now, anytime Jander and Tiffany’s son calls for Roger, the couple will stop what they’re doing and visit Roger or pray for him. Those types of relationships are what Resonate seeks to foster through Go Local.

“My view of the Holy Spirit has definitely grown,” said Jander. “The Holy Spirit is working everywhere.”

This article was made possible through a partnership with CRC Ministries within Canada.


  • Cassie is the Communications Specialist at Resonate Global Mission.

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