A new life, new calling and new creation

At Easter, believers celebrate God’s redeeming work in all things. Marta and Resonate Global Mission are giving thanks to God for Marta’s new life and calling in agriculture.

Marta lived “a normal life like any other” in San Salvador, the capital of El Salvador, for many years. But then gangs threatened her family. Her brother disappeared and was never seen again.

Marta fled to a remote, rural community. But the only opportunity to earn a living was through agriculture, and Marta had never worked in agriculture before. The work proved difficult. Following advice from a government agency, she took out a loan and planted bananas – but then flooding destroyed her crops.

When Marta met a staff member from Seeds of New Creation, a Resonate partner, she was invited to join an agricultural program. Her life began to change.

“Seeds of New Creation has been active in the region for many years, assisting local families to grow their own food in a sustainable way,” said Roland Vanderburg, a Resonate missionary who works with Seeds of New Creation.

Through the agriculture program, Marta gained knowledge, skills and resources to help her sustainably produce quality crops. Not only has Marta seen a more bountiful harvest, she has also come to understand her work in agriculture as part of her work as a follower of Christ.
“We have learned that the Christian faith is in everything we do – in agricultural work, interpersonal relationships, caring for creation,” she said.

Compelled by God’s commission to renew all things, Resonate ministry leaders like Roland and his colleagues at Seeds of New Creation are working to engage people in the Holy Spirit’s call to live out God’s mission in every aspect of their lives.

“Marta is grateful to God for the new start in life that was given her in rural El Salvador,” said Roland. “She shows us that with our [encouragement] . . . people can achieve their desires, for the glory of God.”


  • Cassie Westrate

    Cassie is the Communications Specialist at Resonate Global Mission.

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