Caring for ‘the Stranger’

Resonate Global Mission's work with Ukrainian refugees.

Kateryna and her nine-year-old-son Ivan* closed the front door of their home in Ukraine for the last time. Carrying what they could, they made their way through the forest – out of the combat zone and toward the train station in Warsaw, Poland.

As hours passed and their feet started to ache, they eventually met the Ukrainian military. Over the next few days, Kateryna and Ivan were passed along from military member to military member as they tried to make their way safely to Poland.

Because of a grant from Resonate Global Mission, a pastor was there to meet them.

The United Nations reports that at least 12 million people in Ukraine have fled their homes, with at least six million internally displaced. Another six million have crossed borders to seek refuge in other countries.

Many Ukrainians have found refuge in Estonia, and Salt of the Earth Church wanted to help. Resonate has a long-standing partnership with Salt of the Earth Church and recently gave the church a grant to aid refugees such as Kateryna and Ivan.

In the first three months, Salt of the Earth Church was able to provide assistance to nearly 70 people. They were able to provide lodging, food, medicine, mobile phone connections, consultations, spiritual support and more.

Pastor Pavel, who planted and leads the church, was also able to travel to Warsaw to meet Kateryna and Ivan and bring them back to Estonia. The church helped them secure shelter, food and other supplies. Pavel gave them a used laptop so Ivan could study online and Kateryna could search for a job.

Kateryna and Ivan had terrible memories from the constant fighting in their country and the journey to find safety. In the midst of their anxiety and grief, Pavel was able to share the gospel with them.

Neither Kateryna or Ivan are Christians, but they are interested in the story of Jesus. Week after week, Pavel invites them to worship with Salt of the Earth Church. Kateryna doesn’t always accept his invitation, but she has worshiped with them at least twice. She has also prayed.

“[She] is very open to listening to the gospel from us,” shared Pavel.

Estonia is not Kateryna and Ivan’s final destination – they still have a journey ahead of them. Kateryna’s aunt in Canada is ready to welcome them, and Pavel and his church are helping them to prepare the documents they’ll need.

“Thanks to Resonate’s grant to mobilize our church in ministry, we have meaningful material help that we can use to bless these people and grow our ministry,” said Pavel. “I love all this ministry and like what it’s doing to our young church.”

*Names have been changed for security purposes.

This page is made possible through a partnership with CRC Ministries within Canada.


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