Our Daily Bread

God's gift of daily bread comes in many forms.


The answers came quickly. I was leading devotions at a children’s home and had asked the children to tell me the names of some of their delicious breads. The question was a lead-in to talking about the portion of the Lord’s prayer, “Give us this day our daily bread.”

This home for orphans and disenfranchised children is connected to a school that partnered with Resonate Global Mission to bring the first Educational Care training to this country in South Asia.
It’s a difficult place to be a Christian. While we were working in a town where many people are Christians, the majority of people in the country are devout Hindus and can be hostile to people who practice other religions.

As a result, Christians don’t always have access to resources to help them grow. Our ministry partner’s vision is to equip the rapidly growing church in the region with leadership capacity in the areas of theological, pastoral and counseling skills. We’ve facilitated Timothy Leadership Training with encouraging results, but our partners also recognized that there was huge potential for capacity-building in their Christian schools. That’s where Educational Care comes in.

Educational Care is a curriculum based on biblical principles that equips teachers and school administrators with best practices and a Christian worldview for teaching.

It was an honor to lead a training with the gracious and welcoming community of educators.

Together, we explored what makes their schools Christian, and how faith, teaching and learning are integrated.

I learned that my job is not just to teach, but to love the students.

Even as a teacher, I need to keep learning, and I want my students to see that I am also still learning new things.

I learned about the difference between having a worldview and a Biblical worldview and that the Biblical worldview should be seen in our teaching.

We shared ideas, beliefs, struggles and joys. We broke bread together and were refreshed knowing that Jesus is our daily bread – he cares for our bodies and our souls and fills our every need.

On my last day, I heard a child calling to me. “You talked about bread. I have a gift for you. Can you wait here and I will go and get it?”

When he returned, he shyly placed a small children’s story book in my hand. The title? Feeding the Five Thousand.

At Resonate, we’re grateful to see God giving us our daily bread in so many forms. Will you please pray for these teachers and Christian leaders? As a minority religious group in this part of the world, they need to be increasingly sensitive and wise as they share the gospel.

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