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Joining Powerful Global Conversations

Review of "The Global Church Project Podcast"

The Global Church Project podcast is a ministry of the larger GlobalChurch Project by Dr. Graham Hill and his team. Hill is the interim Principal and the Director of Research at Stirling Theological College in Melbourne, Australia. Prior to his current role, Hill served as the Provost and Vice-Principal at Morling Theological College in Sydney, Australia. In addition to his rich practical contributions to the field of world Christianity, Hill has authored eight books, and speaks extensively about the global church. 

The mission of the Global Church Project is “to help local Christians and churches learn from diverse, multiethnic, and global voices and trends, so that that they experience renewed mission and revitalized churches.” Hill’s widely accessible podcast plays a significant role in fulfilling the Project’s mission. Among others, Hill interviews pastors, missionaries, leaders, and educators from around the world. The interviews discuss and give insight into various topics. Recent examples include the pursuit of peace after war and conflict, social justice movements, the church’s role in national politics, empowering people affected by leprosy, and scriptural teaching on neighbourly love. 

The podcast’s wealth of information inspires curiosity and reminds Christians of God’s global heart. Al Tizon of Evangelical Covenant Church, Chicago says, “I don’t know of any other resource that provides as comprehensive a picture of the global church in mission.” Dr. Grace Ji-Sun Kim of Earlham School of Religion, Indiana writes, “These are important interviews which can be used in universities, seminaries, churches and study groups.” Given the season we find ourselves in, this informative and encouraging podcast points to God’s sovereignty and unending grace in this world. The Christian journey, though challenging, is filled with remarkable hope. Dr. Hill regularly brings God’s profoundly hopeful global work to the forefront in this podcast. It is well worth a listen! 

Find out more about the podcast at theglobalchurchproject.com/podcast-home/


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