What is the Mustard Seed Society?

Christian School Foundation shares a new way to express Christian school support

Have you ever invited a friend to join you for a Christian school fundraising event? Perhaps you’ve said, “Mary, I’m heading to the Christian school’s dinner/auction on Saturday night. You know I love the vision that drives that school. Why don’t you join me?” Many of us have done this, to share what’s important to us and to encourage friends to consider similar action!

Have you ever said to a friend, “Bill, we are having Henry from the Christian School Foundation stop by, to chat about how I can support the Christian school through our estate. You know we love the vision that drives that school. Why don’t you join us?” This sort of conversation is definitely more rare!

What if it was easier to let others know that Christian education is important to you, and that you have decided to remember one or more schools in your will? That is the idea behind the Christian School Foundation’s Mustard Seed Society.

Perhaps you have already included a gift in your will for a Christian school. Perhaps you are about to do so. Let the Christian School Foundation know about this, and we would be happy to add your name to our growing Mustard Seed Society list. Adding your name will encourage two groups of people.


When your friends or acquaintances see that you have arranged a gift for a Christian school, they will see that this is something lots of regular people do. Anyone can leave a gift, and the size of the gift doesn’t matter! God takes our mustard seed-sized gifts, blesses them, and turns them into something with much greater impact! This is the first group of people you will be encouraging; others who will want to do as you have done.

And the second group? Consider this: How would it change the way Christian school leaders (board members, staff members and so on) approach the future, when they move away from a fear of scarcity and instead address the future in the confidence of God’s provision? If they learn that 20, 30 or even 50 supporters have arranged a gift for their school, they will be assured that God has gone on ahead of them!

Two more quick notes: When you invite someone to a school event, you don’t tell them how much you intend to spend! Likewise, the Mustard Seed Society listing is always alphabetical and never makes any reference to the size of the gift arranged. Second, if you want the school to be assured of future support, but you aren’t quite ready to have your name on the list, that is entirely up to you. We would be happy to note that you are “Anonymous.”

The Mustard Seed Society is one way of saying that you are part of the Christian education community of support, and you will be encouraging others at the same time!

Visit www.christianschoolfoundation.ca to learn more. 

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