For Such a Time as This

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Life is unpredictable. Your situation can change quickly. 

Has the COVID-19 disruption got you thinking about what your legacy might be? Has it made you rethink whether your financial arrangements effectively reflect your faith commitment? Might it be at “such a time as this” that you want to step forward to put things in place that will strengthen a robust Kingdom vision?

Christian schools are also facing a situation that is unpredictable and changing quickly.

Gifts that were left in the Wills of supporters have played an important role as schools meet the current challenges. What a blessing for these schools, even though these supporters had never heard of COVID-19! 

Christian schools are a powerful means for undertaking the important work of influencing our culture for Christ. Seeing God’s love, His reconciliation, His justice and His mercy spread into every square inch of this world is noble and inspiring work. 

In this season of challenge perhaps you might help. You could make a real difference!

Would you consider a gift that goes into action right now? We can make that easy for you. Contact us at 1-800-340-9555 or e-mail Meghan at ac.noitadnuofloohcsnaitsirhc@eciffo

Or, you could update your financial arrangements and leave a gift for Christian education in your Will. That will be the kind of gift that is right there to strengthen Christian schools as they face challenges and opportunities as yet unknown. 

In either case, the Christian School Foundation can help you “express the hope that lives within you” as you support Christian schools and help influence our culture in the name of Christ.

And what could be more satisfying than that?

Call Henry Koornneef (905-641-5114) or Tony Kamphuis (905-929-1445) at the Christian School Foundation or email ac.noitadnuofloohcsnaitsirhc@eciffo and you can be part of this important work.

This article was sponsored by Christian School Foundation.


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