Have you inherited something from the Reformation?

Five hundred years ago, the Reformation – the event – took place. The Reformation, the movement, carries on today.

Planted deep inside the Reformation’s DNA is the principle of constant renewal, persistent adaptation, semper reformanda: always being reformed according to the Word of God.

The principles of the Reformation formed a world-and-life view that motivates believers in their faithful activities across the entire span of God’s Kingdom. Does that describe you? Is this what you inherited from the Reformation?

Believers motivated by the Reformation movement’s principles saw Jesus as Lord of all of life, and it didn’t take long for them to ask, “How does this influence the world of education?” Why? Because in our Western Society, educational systems have become a powerful, society-shaping force. If you want to influence the world, it is important to pay attention to schools.

What if you could advance our understanding of how to preserve and develop creation in God-honouring ways, and foster a community in which everyone belongs, and guide young people as they find their place in God’s Kingdom?

What if you could hone gifts and abilities in young people, and provide opportunities to practice leadership, and help see youth active and involved in the world around them, bringing glory to God?

Christian schools are a powerful means by which we can, together, do these things.

When you add your support, God multiplies.

When students add the energy and abilities they have been given, God multiplies.

As more and more students have the opportunity to experience a Christian education, we will witness the expansion of the influence of Christ in our culture as those graduates seek justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.

What a powerful way for you to pay forward an inheritance. What impact. What a legacy.

This article is sponsored by the Christian School Foundation.


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