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"Immigrant: From the Postwar Netherlands to Canada in 21 Paintings" by Rosemary Sloot.

The work of London, Ontario artist Rosemary Sloot has been featured in Christian Courier many times, and now her beautiful paintings have been gathered in a book entitled Immigrant: From the Postwar Netherlands to Canada in 21 Paintings.

The images and objects presented in intricate detail come from the Sloot family album and attic but they are intimately recognizable. The divide between old country and new, which is evoked in several of the works, will resonate with anyone who has made the leap between two countries – or whose parents or grandparents have.

“Just prior to her death,” Sloot says, “my strong, pragmatic mother quietly told us that she had only one regret and that was immigrating to Canada.” This came as a huge shock to Sloot, who was born in Canada. The unexpected confession culminated in the collection of 21 works that form Immigrant (available at dutchreadz.com).

To see more of Sloot’s art in CC’s pages:


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