Uplifting Words: To seniors

Every day you come to my office (we stopped making home visits last April) to tell me your stories. You want someone to listen to your hopeful stories. Each one demonstrates that God is looking after us. Yesterday, today, forever! Our God is for us!

After burying a parent or a spouse, you tell me of God’s faithfulness. His abundant mercies.

I’m paid to listen to your stories. Sometimes I feel guilty. Then I remind myself how blessed it is to enter into your story of God’s grace; then I get to pray with and for you.

You love prayer. Love hearing the story of God’s faithfulness. Love God’s blessing. Last March we began daily devotions on the in-house television channel. We end each morning devotion with a benediction, a blessing. As one senior tells me, “This is God’s medicine. We need it every day.”

Brothers and sisters in the third third of life, receive God’s promise for you today and everyday: “May the Lord bless you and keep. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you and to be gracious to you. Many the Lord turn His face toward you and grant you His peace. Amen.”

Pastor Richard Bodini
Chaplain, Holland Christian Homes

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