Spotlight on readers: Richard Bodini

In this 75th anniversary year of Christian Courier, we are turning the tables in order to put a spotlight on you, our readers! Meet some of our faithful, long-time subscribers alongside folks who have started reading CC more recently. Today we are delighted to hear from Pastor Richard Bodini, Chaplain of Holland Christian Homes in Brampton, Ontario, and Pastor of Heritage Fellowship Christian Reformed Church.

Meet Richard Bodini

“As a pre-teen, I remember looking through CC Calvinist Contact at the time – that my parents were handed down from my Oma and Opa (Dutch for grandma and grandpa). I thought it was strange to have both English and Dutch articles in this paper. As a wedding gift, my mother-in-law gave us a one-year subscription to Christian Courier in 1992. We’ve been receiving it ever since.

Over the years the many letters from Rev. Ralph Koops have caught my eye. I enjoy Rudy Eikelboom’s science bits and Kathy Vandergrift’s government policy notes and commentary. More recently, it has been a privilege to enter the life and home of Sara Pot and her family with all the bumps and joys that she experiences and relates. Each of her articles is a devotional on courage and hope. A testament to God’s grace. Angela Reitsma Bick’s editorials are beautiful. She has added a wise, youthful picture to the publication. 

However, my favorite section has always been the classified ads. Reading obituaries, birthdays, anniversaries and job advertisements provides ongoing snapshots of the Reformed family of Christian Courier across Canada.

I have appreciated the diversity of thinking and the broad Christian stories and articles that CC has produced over the years. I may not always agree, but I have been encouraged to think deeper and allow a little more space at the kitchen table for this family of believers. Thank you.”


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