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The Power of Prayer Walking

When John Bouwers moved to Milton, Ont., to plant a church, he began by prayer walking through neighbourhoods. Ten years later, he’s witnessing God answer one of his first prayers.

The first day Bouwers decided to prayer-walk the city, he drove to the southeastern corner of town, parked on a street, and started walking.

“My conviction was that I wanted to walk every street in that area and I would just look at things and see what God was pointing out to me,” said Bouwers. He prayed for the homes he passed, for opportunities to form friendships with people, and for tangible ways to share the love of Christ.

“I was just excited, I think, about what God might do and what that story might look like ten years down the road,” said Bouwers.

Ten years later, it looks a little like this: A little over a year ago, Megan, a young adult, asked Bouwers to disciple her. He agreed and asked if there was anyone she might like to invite into the discipleship journey. She invited her boyfriend, Noah.

“He knew nothing about Scripture, the Bible, the gospel, or Jesus,” said Bouwers.

But over the past year, the trio has met once a week in person or through video call. Noah was amazed at the message of the gospel and that God had a purpose for his life. One week, Noah volunteered to host at his house, where he lived with his parents.

When Bouwers pulled up to the house, the block looked familiar. Noah’s house was one of the first houses Bouwers had walked by and prayed for ten years ago on his first prayer walk through Milton. Recently, Noah has decided to follow Christ and be baptized.

“God is working ahead of us and he calls us to depend on him in prayer,” said Bouwers. “When we begin with prayer . . . God shows up.”

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This article was made possible through a partnership with CRC Ministries within Canada.


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