The 10 COVID Commandments

Words to live by as we return to the pews

Why come to church at all? And why undertake all these cumbersome precautions (besides the fact that they’re government-mandated)? Because we are a people committed first and second to the love of God and of our neighbour. 

  • Thou shalt enter the Lord’s house with thanksgiving in thy heart, for he has made thee imagine church in a new way. 
  • Thou shalt enter the Lord’s house with care in thy heart for thy neighbour.
  • Thou shalt wear a covering for thy face. Thy face-mask is thy shield and portion, which shall be issued unto thee if thou bringest not thine own. 
  • Thou shalt guard between thyself and thy neighbour six feet of distance in all thy paths. 
  • Thou shalt bring thine own coffee and speak with thy neighbour within the wide and spacious place where thou parkest thy chariot. 
  • Within the Lord’s house, thou shalt take no other seat besides those that have been marked out for thee.  
  • Thou shalt not sing, lest the Lord’s people singeth moistly, causing droplets from thy mouth to fall upon thy neighbour.  
  • Present thine offering remotely using the means provided unto thee. 
  • Thou shalt touch no common objects that may be rendered unclean by thy touch. 
  • Thou shalt retain unto thyself the option of worshipping the Lord from within thine own house, for online worship shallcontinue. For it is a good and pleasant thing to hope that from this season the Lord might call new worshippers to himself.

  • Karla is minister at Westminster-St. Paul’s Presbyterian Church in Guelph, Ont. Her interests include Reformed theology and worship, Christian ethics, biblical counseling, arts and culture and solo travel.

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