Review of Unlocking Us podcast by Brené Brown

The things that are getting us through.

Nifty grabbers, buckets, garbage bags, earbuds. These are the items we take with us as we clean up the green spaces in our neighbourhood. A year ago, inspired by a friend, we began this action as a way to get outdoors and do something useful. A year later we are still at it and have been dubbed the “bucket people” by neighbours. We live near a wooded trail and large park and picking up the litter is a slow process. And so we began listening to podcasts.

One of my favourites is Unlocking Us with Brené Brown. Best-selling author Brown is known for her work on vulnerability and shame and her conversations are focused on topics that “unlock the deeply human part of who we are.” My favourite episodes include conversations with the Gottman’s on “what makes love last,” Bishop Michael Curry on love and hope, Joe Biden on empathy and courage, and Harriet Lerner on how to apologize. The pandemic has changed the way we connect with each other, but has not lessened that hardwired need. Unlocking Us has connected me with people and topics that have challenged, entertained, encouraged and taught me. Available for free on Spotify.

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  • Joanne is a retired teacher-librarian living in Hamilton, Ontario where she participates in two book clubs. She and her husband enjoy living near their children and grandchildren.

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