Providing Hope in Nicaragua’s ‘New Normal’

Pastors are finding healing – and sharing hope with their communities

“It seems like everything is normal, but you have to be careful about what you say, where you go, and when,” said Alicia Navarrete, a Resonate Global Mission missionary who serves at the Nehemiah Center in Nicaragua.

Nicaraguans are adjusting to a “new normal” after 2018’s political protests forced businesses to close, cost people their jobs, and resulted in death, injury, and arrests for many. Today, people continue to live in grief and are anxious about the future. 

Thanks to the Nehemiah Center, however, pastors are finding healing – and sharing hope with their communities.

In collaboration with Resonate and World Renew, the Nehemiah Center is conducting Healing the Wounds of Trauma workshops for pastor couples and other church leaders.

“What has happened is a trauma,” said Navarrete. She notes that this trauma from recent events unearthed layers of pain in people’s lives from previous disasters, political strife, and domestic violence form which they had never healed.

“People here have skipped over the pain and now new trauma has come and brought this old pain back again,” said Navarrete. 

Through the Healing the Wounds of Trauma workshops, the Nehemiah Center is providing a way for people to move forward. Recently, a group of pastor couples and church leaders from the church friendship program in León gathered together to heal.

“Activities of art, lament, reflection, and Bible study gave them tools to process trauma,” said Adrianna Oudman, a Resonate missionary who serves as the Nehemiah Center’s church friendship coordinator. “The pastors felt [free] to talk about their experiences and feelings.”

“It was a very good time for us,” said one pastor. “We have been through very painful things, and we could declare that it hurts us, and bring them to the cross.”

Now, the leaders can bring these tools to their congregations so their church can heal too.

“A person who has been able to walk through their trauma and their pain – and find healing – can do their job better, preach better, and be a better caring, pastoring shepherd,” said Navarrete. “[They] can walk with someone else through their pain.” 

– This article was made possible through a partnership with CRC Ministries within Canada.

  • Cassie is the Communications Specialist at Resonate Global Mission.

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