Our second Easter apart

Despite continued restrictions, hope lives on.

COVID-19 may prevent us from coming together for yet another church holiday, but if the following stories are any indication, the hope of the Risen Christ is very much alive.

We asked pastors and leaders from east to west to reflect on the state of the church on this one-year anniversary of the pandemic. Was there sorrow? Yes. Was there a desire to be able to meet face-to-face? Absolutely. Was there complacency or apathy or doubt? No way! All of our writers spoke about how they and their congregations have soldiered on in the face of confusion, burnout, restrictions and challenges. How they have reimagined and innovated and begun new things in an effort to be Christ in the world.

Disruption? Oh, yes. But a disruption and upheaval that allows for new and better things.

These stories are, ultimately, a message of hope. Easter hope.


  • Amy MacLachlan

    Amy is a freelance writer, communicator and former CC Features Editor. She has a degree in Journalism and 13 years’ experience at the Presbyterian Record. Amy highlights stories about community-building, families and personal faith, along with bigger, in-the-news issues that challenge, teach and inspire. She lives west of Toronto with her two daughters and three guinea pigs.

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