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After another tough pandemic year, CC staff find gratitude.

Stores are opening. Kids are back to school. Many are vaccinated. Things are slowly starting to shift. Or so we hope. The second year of life during a pandemic hasn’t been much easier than the first. And yet, during this month of Thanksgiving, the staff at CC wanted to share with readers the many blessings from God that inspire gratitude. We wish you a beautiful and hope-filled Thanksgiving.

“I’m thankful for kids who see their friends daily now; for family members who can travel and visit; and for opportunities to talk about meaningful things with colleagues and mentors.” – Peter Schuurman, Contributing Editor

“I’m thankful for silly children’s books shared with my son before bed and for the joy of watching my daughter get up the courage to crawl. I’m thankful for friends who sing loudly to scare away bears, for neighbours who drop off bins of outgrown kids’ clothes, and for parents who don’t mind driving four hours to babysit.” – Meghan Kort, Assistant Editor (currently on mat leave)

“I’m grateful for our kids, who light up daily life with their creativity and joy; for strong stove-top coffee; for after-supper laughter; for the slow return of live music and for the amazing people that I work with at CC!” – Angela Reitsma Bick, Editor-in-Chief

“I’m thankful for the sunshine, but also the rain that’s taught me to be thankful for the roof over my head and the warm socks on my feet. I’m thankful for the flowers growing next to me, fed by that rain. Most of all, I’m thankful for the people I finally get to see again. For the laughs we get to share and the things we get to learn together and teach each other; at school, at home, with family and with friends.” – Erica Rozema, co-op student

“I’m thankful for a baby boom in my family – I’m getting three new nephews this year!”
Maaike VanderMeer, Assistant Editor

“I am especially grateful for music. With all the disconnectedness of pandemic life, I’ve enjoyed learning new songs on the piano, listening to a variety of artists on Spotify, buying thrift store records for our new-to-us record player, and getting back to congregational singing at church (masked, of course!). The Holy Spirit speaks hope into my life while I experience the gift of music.”
– Sarah Smith, Circulation Manager

“I’m thankful for beaches and lake breezes and sunsets; for guinea pig cuddles and more and more houseplants; for good gluten-free pizza; for family and friends I am able to see again; and for daughters who are growing and changing and still smiling.” – Amy MacLachlan, Features Editor

“I’m always grateful for my family and for our health, and that has only deepened living through this pandemic and recently experiencing the loss of someone we love deeply. Feeling the support of family through good and challenging times is so appreciated.” – Jennifer Neutel, Development/Ads Manager


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