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Glocal Mission Summit

Be a witness for Christ in your community

Are you ready to reimagine evangelism and discipleship in a world changed by COVID? Resonate Global Mission invites you to attend the virtual Glocal Mission Summit, May 13-15, 2021, to share and learn how God is working in local communities throughout the globe.

“I think everyone is tired of navigating all of the challenges COVID has brought about . . . we really need encouragement to know what God is up to around the world. This is an opportunity to hear some encouraging stories that are rooted in, or connected to, the Christian Reformed Church,” said Kevin DeRaaf, acting director of Resonate in Canada.

The Glocal Mission Summit is free to participate in and features a variety of plenary speakers, panels, table conversations, and breakout sessions with mission leaders from around the world. This year’s theme, “On the Road to Witness,” will explore Jesus’ call in Acts 1:8 to be his witnesses “in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.”

Everyone is welcome to participate, and while the summit is virtual, it is not “just another Zoom meeting.” There will be opportunities for participants to ask questions, share their own stories and experiences, and meet and interact with other participants. The sessions will also be quick and spread out.

“In this time of disconnect, the Glocal Mission Summit is a way to bring CRC folks together to connect,” said DeRaaf. “We really see this as a way to serve the church and the denomination. I think it’s going to be a real gift for people.”

Participants will be able to participate in one of 19 breakout sessions covering a variety of topics, including “Evangelism for Everyone: It’s not the 80s Anymore,” “Discipling and Mentoring Generation Z,” and “Reimagining Church: Forward Thinking in our Present COVID Reality.”

“We really want this to be a conference that sparks the missional imagination in those who participate,” said DeRaaf. “People will experience the beautiful diversity in the CRC. God is at work in the denomination.”

Learn more and register at www.ResonateGlobalMission.org/Glocal.

This article was made possible through a partnership with CRC Ministries within Canada.


  • Cassie Westrate

    Cassie is the Communications Specialist at Resonate Global Mission.

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