Engaging the Changing Shape of Mission in Canada

Ahmad* and Haniya* were living in a Middle Eastern nation when the Holy Spirit lit an ember inside their hearts. Despite the persecution against Christians in their country, they began to wonder if Jesus was the truth.

When they moved to Western Canada, they were free to pursue Christianity – but living in a foreign land, they did not know where to begin their search.

Then they found the church pastored by Ray De Lange, a Resonate Global Mission missionary, and the ember sparked a fire.

“They started coming to our worship services and Thursday evening prayer group meetings,” said Ray. “About four weeks later, they prayed to receive Jesus as their Lord and Saviour.”

North America is becoming increasingly diverse and multicultural. There are many faiths and cultures present. When Christian Reformed Home Missions and Christian Reformed World Missions joined to form Resonate Global Mission, it opened a unique opportunity to join in God’s work.

“[We’re] living into the reality that mission is to everywhere, from everywhere,” said Rich Braaksma, Resonate’s Regional Mission Leader for Western Canada. “We know God is stirring something up. We want to partner with him in that.”

Ray and his wife, Angie, are Resonate’s first missionaries to North America, from North America. They moved from the United States to the Greater Vancouver area in Canada to minister to people like Ahmad and Haniya with a Muslim background. 

Most are open to the Gospel. Hungry, even. Many regularly walk into Ray’s church without knowing anyone and without invitation.

“It’s like a fisherman having fish jump into his boat,” he said.

Ray has been discipling Ahmad and Haniya since they began coming to his church. Their love for Jesus is fervent, and they are passionate about sharing the truth of Jesus as Saviour with others. They often go with Ray into the streets to join in God’s mission in their community. 

“The world is at our doorstep,” said Rich. “I’m passionate that we wake up to the reality and opportunity that God’s mission is all around us.”

He notes that the worldwide movement of people offers a unique opportunity for churches to engage mission. Resonate provides resources for churches to host mission events and join in God’s work – not only abroad, but in local neighbourhoods.

“Every church is a missional church,” said Rich. “Just like every person in every church is a missionary in the sense that every one of us is called to join in God’s mission.” 

Visit resonateglobalmission.org/mission to get started. 

*Names changed for security.


  • Cassie is the Communications Specialist at Resonate Global Mission.

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