Digital archives nearly complete

Did your aunt write for Calvinist Contact in the 80s? Did you have an article published in grade school? Well, now it’s easier than ever to find those old pieces!

For almost three years, library staff at Redeemer University’s Peter Turkstra Library have been diligently scanning and saving back issues of Christian Courier, and this ambitious project is nearing its completion!

The digitization process began in 2019 on the occasion of CC’s 70th anniversary, with the goal of “preserving fragile early issues and making them fully available on the Internet Archive online platform.” To date, the library has uploaded 1,491 issues, ranging from issue no. 1 (August, 1949) to 2013 – at which point CC’s own website archives begin. Although some gaps remain due to missing copies, Marlene Power, Library Director, says that “many more issues will be added by the end of the summer.”

This resource is going to be super handy for CC’s Editor in particular, because she gets periodic email inquiries that start with “Do you remember an article about. . . .?”
It’s still a work in progress, but you can check out this impressive collection at


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