Map and mend campaign goes $18K over goal!

We couldn't have done it without you.

A huge thank you to everyone who donated to our Map and Mend fundraising campaign. Together, we raised $43,764.95 from 267 donors!!

Our board chair, Jim Dekker says that, “For the first time in my memory, this year you donors/readers exceeded our $25,000 goal before we included the matching donation.” As in previous years, an anonymous donor stepped up in October and committed $7,500 in matching funds. This is always a huge boost, but this year, we were already well on our way! What a surprise and blessing. Thank you so very much!

“Christian Courier could not survive without your generosity,” writes Jim. “Every year we start the campaign in September, praying our readers will again come through. And every year you have, this year more generously and graciously than any other year. Thank you not just for your support, but for your faithful reading of what we have heard is a unique Reformed voice in Canadian Christian journalism.”

As we look back on 2021, we can’t help but feel deep gratitude for all of you. The doomscrolling treadmill is a lot easier to escape when we have hopeful writers, thoughtful contributors and encouraging readers who walk alongside us. And if we have to attend the church of pajamas and survive the lockdown dungeon . . . well we’re glad it’s in your company! Thank you for subscribing, reading, discussing, reflecting and sharing. There’s no one we’d rather map and mend with than you. As we continue on uncharted paths through a broken world, may we keep our eyes fixed on the greatest Map Maker and Mender of all.


  • Meghan Kort

    Meghan is Assistant Editor of Christian Courier and lives in Terrace, BC. She has a degree in History and Political Science from UNBC, but spent most of her time on campus engaging in multi-faith dialogue alongside CRC campus ministry staff. Meghan went on to do a master’s in church history, walk half the Camino, and work as a research assistant in France, before she found her calling in communications. When she’s not going for adventures with her two young kids, Meghan enjoys gardening, board games and crafting.

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