Christmas Pageant Draws Parents to Church

Hondurans love to celebrate Christmas Eve – and that gave the teachers an idea.

Resonate Global Mission missionaries and the churches they work with use Christmas as an opportunity to share the gospel with people who rarely set foot in church. Last Christmas, Sunday School teachers at a church in Honduras staged a pageant. When teachers participated in training facilitated by Resonate missionary Caspar Geisterfer, they discussed how they rarely saw their students’ parents in church.

Resonate equips churches throughout Canada, the United States, and the world to spread the gospel in their communities. Educational Care, a curriculum of Raise Up Global Ministries, is one way Resonate partners with churches in Honduras. Geisterfer uses Educational Care training to encourage Sunday School teachers to better share the gospel with children and their families.

The training prompted teachers to find a way to bring their students’ parents to church. Parents work long hours nearly every day of the week in order to provide for their families, and going to church was just another task on an already packed to-do list.

But Hondurans love to celebrate Christmas Eve – and that gave the teachers an idea. They decided to stage a Christmas pageant.

For months, the teachers worked with the children on singing, dancing, and acting. “The teachers created excitement in their students, and the students went home and created excitement in their parents,” said Geisterfer.

On Christmas Eve, the parents trickled into church. “We were scrambling to get more chairs,” said Geisterfer. “Before you know it, there are fathers and mothers in church who seldom set foot in church.”

The children bustled upstairs, lined up on stage, and presented the Christmas story. Parents crowded to the front, taking photos of their children. But they didn’t just see their children perform that night – they heard the gospel. For some of them, it may have been the first time.

Resonate missionaries and ministry leaders continue to partner with churches to find creative ways to share the gospel in their communities. “The kids will continue to come to Sunday School,” said Geisterfer, “and then one day, mom or dad might say: I want to go back there with you.”

This article was made possible through a partnership with CRC Ministries within Canada.

  • Cassie is the Communications Specialist at Resonate Global Mission.

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