Beating the Odds

Timothy Leadership Training has inspired Phyllis to step out of her daily routine and make some big changes in her life, community, and workplace.

Phyllis lost her sight to measles when she was just two years old – but that hasn’t stopped her from making a big difference in Machakos, Kenya.

“Despite her visual impairment, [Phyllis] has beaten the odds,” said Rev. Jared Kaka Rioba Bosire, who coordinates Timothy Leadership Training (TLT)  for Resonate Global Mission in Eastern and Southern Africa.

Phyllis is a mother, leader of the women’s ministry at her church, and tutor at a teacher’s college. She also works closely with the Christian Union to share Christ and disciple believers on the campus where she works.

Phyllis works in ministry every day, but like many people in her community, she’s never had the opportunity for formal training. That’s why Resonate facilitates TLT in Kenya and throughout the world. A curriculum of Raise Up Global Ministries, Resonate workers use TLT to equip ministry leaders with practical, biblical training.

TLT does not yet have training materials available in braille, but that didn’t stop Phyllis. When Phyllis heard about TLT, she jumped at the opportunity to participate.

“She enrolled because she wanted to be a better leader within the community, church, and at her workplace,” said Bosire.

With her braille computer in tow, Phyllis worked hard at the training and has completed almost all of the lessons. It has helped her in her daily rhythms ministering with women at her church and with students on her campus – but the training has also inspired Phyllis to step out of her daily routine and make some big changes in her life, community, and workplace.

After the lesson on Christian stewardship, Phyllis planted a mango orchard so she could earn extra money. The proceeds will go toward ministry and to help people in her community who are in need of food, clothing, and other necessities. 

During the lesson on caring for God’s people, the Holy Spirit stirred Phyllis’s heart for students who had left her ministry on campus. She contacted each one of those students. When she found that some of them were feeling confused, guilty or ashamed, she led them to restore their relationships with God.

But TLT training did not just make a big difference in Phyllis’ life and ministry. Her enthusiasm and dedication in class challenged Bosire.

“I was impacted by her commitment to learn and influence her church and community,” said Bosire. “She was so passionate about TLT and would not allow any barrier to stop her from attending the training.”

Phyllis plans to complete the finale training module of TLT this year – and she’s excited to start her own TLT class. Her dream is to start a TLT class that will train more church leaders who are visually impaired.

“[Phyllis] can see Jesus with a perspective that others need,” said Bosire. “Thank you for your prayers and support as we equip church leaders.”


  • Cassie is the Communications Specialist at Resonate Global Mission.

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