A Partnership on Paper?

You might see the small words on the bottom of this page (page 6) alerting you to the fact that “this page is made possible through a partnership with CRC Ministries within Canada.” You might wonder what that means, or what makes this page different than the rest of the content of the Christian Courier.

The Christian Reformed Church in North America is trying a pilot project with CC where we partner with them for one page of space in select issues. There are several reasons behind this initiative. For example, the CRCNA supports the mission/vision of CC and wants to show that in our communications strategy. Similarly, Christian Courier supports the mission/vision of the CRCNA and wants to help us promote resources, events and opportunities such as the Canadian National Gathering in Edmonton (May, 2019).

Ultimately, the reasons for this partnership boil down to this fact:
Within the Canadian congregations and ministries of the Christian Reformed Church, there is much to be excited about. We want to leverage every communication channel available in order to spark conversation with local church members and other Jesus followers about these things, so that together we can increase in our collective practices of faith.

Political engagement, aboriginal ministry, diaconal support, international community development, church planting support and growth, youth ministry, faith formation, seminal events, Christian education, social justice…the list goes on and on and on. The CRCNA does so many good things in Canada that sometimes I think our biggest challenge is not just doing the work, but communicating it in such a way that we find partners, healthy critics, and significant supporters of those things across Canada.

We hope that this space will create some room for all those things. You will see here topical matters on social issues, descriptions celebrating current ministry, advertisements for events or items we know the church can benefit from and more.

In order to work well, we need engagement from all parts of the church. We need people from all sides of an issue coming together and giving their best thinking. Whether the issue is discipleship, euthanasia, the Summer Jobs program, youth ministry, immigration, evangelism, climate policy or the reality of decisions about Christian places of education, the work of the church is not fulsome unless there is broad engagement.

This page is one place where we hope this kind of engagement might be fostered. So join in as you see material here. Comment through the Courier, speak of the issues directly with people from your church or reach out to the authors you will find here.

Let us grow in our faith together as iron sharpens iron.  

  • Darren is the Canadian Ministries Director of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

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