You Are Invited to a Grand Opening

CRCNA offices to host Grand Opening in November

I have heard it said that buildings convey theology. I suspect there is truth in that. Consider many Reformed churches for example. When you enter the sanctuary, the pulpit is front and centre, not off to one side or the other. Why is that? Because one of the core considerations of our tradition is that the Word of God is central!

Our work places can convey similar ideologies. The CRCNA offices in Burlington, Ontario recently underwent a major renovation. We are having a Grand Opening in November, and we’d like to invite people from far and wide to come see the new space, and find out what is central to our ministry. 

By visiting 3475 Mainway you will get a very clear understanding of what we hold dear in our Reformed tradition. A quilt reflects the variety of people in pews across the country who follow Christ together and make ministry possible. Art depicts aspects of our God-given call to do justice, love mercy, proclaim the gospel, and raise up servant leaders. Conference rooms speak to our desire for collaboration. Solar panels reflect our responsibility as stewards of Creation. And the ministry taking place in our offices and cubicles is a demonstration of our desire to seek God’s Kingdom in all aspects of our life.  

Over the course of three days in November, through art, design, tours and fellowship, we hope to have many people experience the theology of our building and participate in its dedication. Will you join us? 

If you live in the Burlington area, please plan to join us on Nov. 8 from 10 a.m. to noon for our public open house. You can enjoy a tour, interact with the staff members who serve you and your church, appreciate the impact of the CRCNA members across the world, or just relax and enjoy the CRCNA ministry centre.

If you live at a distance or are unable to join us in person that day, you can also join us online for the ribbon-cutting ceremony on Tuesday, Nov. 6. We will be sharing various parts of the event at www.facebook.com/crcna between 10 – 11 a.m. EST.  

We are so grateful for the gift that God has given us in this ministry centre and we look forward to celebrating that with you.

– This article was made possible through a partnership with CRC Ministries within Canada.


  • Darren is a former Canadian Ministries Director of the Christian Reformed Church in North America.

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