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Redeemer University undergraduate tuition costs dramatically cut.

Redeemer University College has been providing high-quality, Biblically-rooted postsecondary education in Ontario for over 30 years. Students and their families have long valued Redeemer’s distinctive vision and appreciated the excellent work of its faculty and staff. It was no secret, however, that this came with a high price tag. High tuition costs were accepted by some as part of their investment in undergraduate education, but for others, the price was too high. They simply could not afford to attend Redeemer, particularly when the alternatives were priced so much lower.

This fall, thanks to the generosity of anonymous Redeemer supporters, tuition rates will be cut significantly. Motivated by a desire to increase access to an excellent, Christ-centered education, anonymous donors have provided a five-year, $11 million dollar gift to the University. As a result of this unprecedented gift, domestic undergraduate tuition rates have been decreased dramatically. Rather than the anticipated 2019-2020 tuition rate of $16,992, for the next five years, undergraduate tuition will be set at $9,800, a decrease of 42 percent. This adjustment is for the long term. After the 2023-2024 academic year, undergraduate tuition will remain competitive, with industry standard two to three percent increases per year on the $9,800 tuition. It is worth noting that this cost-cutting initiative is directed at Canadian undergraduate students. International students and students in the education program have seen their tuition rates frozen, but not significantly decreased.

The change in tuition structure will make it possible for more Canadian students to seriously consider Redeemer for their own postsecondary education. Redeemer hopes that by setting tuition costs at a price point that is comparable to publicly-funded institutions, more students will be able to attend, increasing enrolment to rates that will allow tuition rates to be sustained. The university’s goal is for undergraduate enrolment to double to 1,200 students by 2023.  

“We are deeply grateful for the generous support that will make a difference in the lives of so many students,” president Dr. Graham says. “We look forward to the positive impact that many more Redeemer graduates will have in their churches, places of work and communities.”

  • Sean is Assistant Professor of Education at Redeemer and former News Editor for Christian Courier. Sean’s research focuses on the communication of educational care. He appreciates CC’s cultural relevance, Biblical distinctiveness and willingness to address the complexity of living with hope and courage in a broken world.

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