Uplifting Words: To all of us

Whatever is happening in your life right now, my prayer for you is for breath, perspective and joy: that you can take in great lungfuls of fresh air as needed, sparking some amazement for how that fuels us and also eases tense minds;

That you might slip outside the edges of all the rules into imagination thanks to favourite books or music or through the creativity of people who make shows for Netflix and Disney, or, even better, by dreaming about when this virus’s only starring role will be in our stories about the past, hopefully even in some funny ones, like “remember when we washed our groceries?”;

And, finally, that you can shake off all the usual unwieldy expectations we have for ourselves, because, as Anne Lamott says, “the world is too hard as it is, without letting your pants have an opinion on how you are doing,” and instead that joy sneaks up to surprise you at least once a day. Welcome it in.

Angela Reitsma Bick

Are you a parent, a tradesperson, an essential worker, or a student? Find uplifting words for these and more here.


  • Angela became Editor of CC in 2009, having learned English grammar in Moscow, research skills in grad school and everything else on the fly. Her vision is for CC to give body to a Reformed perspective by exploring what it means to follow Jesus today. She hopes that the shared stories of God at work in the world inspire each reader to participate in the ongoing task of renewing his creation. Angela lives in Newcastle, Ontario with her husband, Allan, and three children.

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