Southern Cathedral

stained glass hangs in leafy curtains
green, green, green
between brown columns

sawblade cicadas
sing sacred choruses

a dog-bark pulpiteer
musters staccato sermons

the blood of Christ
colors the clay crimson
we walk on the covenant

the holy water has been
strewn in the air
to breathe is to be baptized

creation cries out praise
and a breeze hovers overhead
bestowing tongues of fire


  • Tim Reed

    Tim Reed is from Vancouver (WA) and has been creating art of all kinds for as long as he can remember. After releasing his anthology of poems "My Window Faces South", he continues his poetry circle and poetry blog as a creative outlet. Tim enjoys spending time with his wife, listening to jazz music, cooking, drinking black coffee, playing disc golf, and learning new things of all kinds. You can find more of his word-centered musings at: www.slowlybutslowly.blogspot.com

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