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10 gift ideas for kids and teens at Christmas.

It’s that wonderful time of year again in which many of us take time to express love through the giving of gifts. Perhaps some of the seniors among us might be searching for just the right thing for children and teens/grandchildren on their list. Of course, what we ultimately want to convey through a gift is our love and support of these young people in our lives. Here is a list of 10 ideas to help:

1. A gift card for an outing with just the two of you; time is always one of the most wonderful gifts.
2. A magazine subscription that relates to a topic they are interested in. They will think fondly of you each time they receive the magazine.
3. A chocolate letter or other special treat with a framed list of the 25 things you love about them.
4. Handmade gifts that showcase a talent you might have; it is always special to receive a gift that someone has poured time, love and creativity into.
5. A special piece of jewelry, a watch or accessory you might have that you would like to pass on to them along with the story of why it is special to you. 
6. A gift card to a local store that will encourage emerging talents, such as music, sports, art or reading.
7. A photo book with a collection of several photos of significant events in your life, leading up to their birth and some photos of the two of you together. 
8. For younger children, beautifully illustrated Christmas books can become a timeless treasure; handwrite a note in the front cover to make it special
9. For teens, a gift card to a local clothing store always goes a long way. You can always check with a parent or sibling to find out which store is a favourite.
10. For a university student, gifts of homemade food, cash and of course . . . socks and underwear! 


  • Eva lives in Guelph, Ont., and has been inspired by this book to invest time in local programs that support healthy neighbourhoods.

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