Lives Changed Through Global Coffee Break

The programs of Raise Up Global Ministries equip the global church by developing interactive, biblically-based resources and equipping leaders to facilitate learning and kingdom change. This includes Global Coffee Break.

Coffee Break helps churches invite neighbors to discover God’s story together. Brookfield Christian Reformed Church in Wisconsin is a great example of this. They recently shared that two young families and two adults with no previous church connection have all professed their faith and joined the church since August 2021 because of Coffee Break.

Brookfield Coffee Break Director, Barb Britton, said that she sees young women from their community join Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) for relationships and time away from their toddlers. As their kids grow, some women make the transition from MOPS to Coffee Break where they meet in intergenerational groups. Young mothers learn together with grandmothers and great-grandmothers. Barb said that intergenerational groups seem to create a safe next step into the life of their church for these women, and also provides them with learning opportunities for their growing children.

“Watch out what you ask for, because this group’s prayers are answered.” This is what one Ontario Coffee Break likes to say as they turn to prayer after their Bible study. They marvel at the many prayers they have seen answered following their time together. Group members have received jobs, apartments and even babies after praying about it. They wonder if their God-shaped, Bible discovery conversations simply result in more faith-filled prayers. It can’t be explained, but they rejoice together as they see God at work.

Global Coffee Break plays a small, behind-the-scenes role in each story. Global Coffee Break designs and distributes Discover Your Bible studies. Each study helps groups explore a Bible book or theme. The study design creates a safe place for people new to the Bible to engage alongside people with more experience. Global Coffee Break also makes training available so that leaders develop skills in creating those safe places as they help people explore God’s story.

Similar stories are happening around the world. Global Coffee Breaks supports groups and leaders in 27 countries and in a growing number of languages. Raise Up’s other programs, Timothy Leadership Training and Educational Care, also equip pastors and educators with ministry resources.

How could God use Global Coffee Break in your community? Who can you invite to discover God’s story together?


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