ONE WEEK left to enter CC’s 2021 Art & Poetry Contest!

Where do you find hope these days? Where do you see the fingerprints of God in our world? 

We want you to see your response…in art! You’re invited to submit original art and blackout poetry that responds to the pandemic and relates to our fall campaign theme of “map and mend” (more on that in a minute).

The last year and a half have been defined by isolation and social distancing. So we are very excited not only to host an art competition around community-oriented verbs, but also to offer prizes that come from community! Nine award-winning and talented artists, musicians, and writers have volunteered their own art as prizes. Here are a few:

What do we mean by map and mend? Since COVID began, our writers have been mapping a way through this pandemic with their words. CC articles bear witness to the ways in which we as Christ-followers help mend the brokenness around us. That’s why we chose those two verbs as our Fall donation campaign and art contest theme.


Here’s our creative interpretation of “Map and Mend 2021”. What’s yours?
  • Angela introduced our Fall ‘Map and Mend’ campaign in this lighthearted editorial which imagines what an etiquette columnist would be asked during a COVID pandemic.
  • This short news article shares the beautiful story of a prayer shawl ministry that was sparked by an old CC article. “Mending a broken world” can be taken many ways – but these women literally join thread to thread as they pray for healing and blessing on their community.

Your turn: donations

Participate in raising $25,000 towards Christian Courier’s work of journalism – we can’t do it without you! On this page, you can track how much is raised week by week.


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