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Knox College and the Institute for Christian Studies sign historic lease agreement

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that Knox College and the Institute for Christian Studies (ICS) announce the signing of a lease that will see ICS move its operations to the premises of Knox College in Toronto, Ont., effective August 1, 2018. This initial lease is for a term of five years.

“We are extremely grateful for this opportunity to relocate our graduate school to the campus of Knox College,” said ICS President Ronald A. Kuipers. “This move not only helps us achieve greater cost certainty in a challenging real estate market, it also creates exciting opportunities for ICS faculty and students to work more closely with our colleagues at Knox.”

Principal John A. Vissers said, “Knox College is delighted to welcome ICS to its premises as an institution that shares a commitment to the Reformed tradition. We expect this agreement to benefit both schools economically, and provide new opportunities for ICS and Knox to serve the church and the wider community.”

ICS’ new location will be in the northeast wing of Knox College’s lower level, at the heart of the University of Toronto’s St. George Campus. It’s a five minute walk from the ICS’s current location at 229 College St.

Though the space ICS will use at Knox College is a little smaller than its current premises, Kuipers is confident that the move will improve the overall ICS student experience. Through Knox, students will have, for the first time, the option of renting residences, as well as shared use of the College’s library, dining hall and chapel. Since ICS is an Affiliate Member of the Toronto School of Theology, the option for Knox students to take ICS courses – and vice versa – already exists, but closer proximity will make those options easier. Kuipers also sees great opportunity down the road for increased community engagement, including new programs in continuing adult education.

ICS was a co-owner of the building on College Street, its home for the past 46 years (owning 27 percent of the building’s shares). The organization owning the other 73 percent of the building’s shares fell into receivership in 2010. Since then, ICS found it increasingly difficult to work with a receiver as its ownership partner. When ICS sold its shares last spring, the Board began to search for a new location. Simultaneously, the money from the sale was invested and ICS is planning to use the interest it generates to pay rent and subsidize other operational costs. “By investing the funds from the sale of 229 College, the gift of this building from ICS’ support community will continue to sustain ICS’ operating costs well into the future,” Kuipers said.

229 College St. is now up for sale.

A Brief Overview
Knox College is a theological school of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, a federated College of the University of Toronto, a founding member of the Toronto School of Theology, and holds accreditation through the Association of Theological Schools in the United States and Canada.  The Institute for Christian Studies is a community-supported graduate school in the Kuyperian stream of the Reformed tradition, and an affiliate member of the Toronto School of Theology. It operates under charter from the Government of Ontario to grant the MA and PhD degrees in Philosophy, and the Master of Worldview Studies degree.

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