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2018 Review

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We’re coming to the end of a good year for Christian Courier. God continues to send just the right people and intriguing story ideas in my direction at all the right times. Our new format has helped to align CC’s excellent content with its design. I’m grateful to do this job alongside a talented staff and wise Contributing Editors, along with former editors who pop in now and then with advice or articles. Energy was high at a recent editors meeting as we discussed the topics we want to cover in 2019. 

The life cycle of each CC article could be a story in itself. It’s less scientific-process and more Holy-Spirit-driven, at least in my experience. I began discussing the bones of one article in our recent Nov. 26 issue with its author over a year ago. Other stories crop up overnight, from a phone call, a conversation, a quote, a statistic, a question. Another article from that issue was just translated into Dutch by a reader and reprinted in the Netherlands! I love hearing from you about the stories that moved you, or the column you shared with a neighbour. Even after we’ve finished writing them, some CC stories seem to pick up steam and get a life of their own.  

– Angela Reitsma Bick

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