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Mail survey results and ongoing improvements to CC’s website.

This month marks a half year since Christian Courier (CC) launched its new website! Our new site, built on a WordPress platform, has some similarities to the previous one but the improvements are vast.

CC partnered with Michael Krakowiak, Citizens for Public Justice’s Communications and Development Specialist and web developer at Happy Bits, to create the new site. He continues to provide support to staff as questions arise. “The transformation from the former version of the CC website to the current version illustrates an ushering into a new era of online publications and modes of communication,” Krakowiak said. “I hope the innovations and creativity put into the redesign of the CC website will echo the cutting-edge reporting that continues to bring Christian news to a valued readership.”

The new website has greater visibility in online search results and improved accessibility, particularly on mobile devices – which account for more than half of all visits to CC’s site. The way content is organized, and the site’s search functions, are also enhanced.

The website’s e-commerce capabilities updated how our subscriptions, donations and advertising transactions are processed. If you prefer to connect through alternate methods (email, phone or snail mail) those are still available. But if you like self-serve digital options you can purchase a gift subscription, place a classifieds ad or give a donation, any time of day at!

Occasionally we hear from subscribers who have not visited the website in some time. Any login information from before November 2020 is no longer valid, and all our content is available without a paywall. If you make a transaction on the website – such as purchasing a subscription or display advertisement – you will be able to login to your (new) account. Through the account you can access your transaction history, update payment information, and renew or cancel subscriptions.

The printed newspaper is the only place you will find Letters to the Editor and all our articles and columns for the month at once, as the website shares a handful each week. An online-only news story or column is posted weekly; if you would like to see the content that’s not in your hard copy, ensure you are signed up for our free weekly email newsletter (check the bottom right-hand corner of our website or email ac.reiruocnaitsirhc@ekiaam).

Subscriber Mail Survey

Thank you to those who let us know when your Easter issued arrived! Most respondents received the issue the week following the issue date. We are grateful for the many comments of support and understanding about fluctuating postal times. There were 76 surveys submitted from subscribers living in Ontario, B.C., Alberta, Nova Scotia and the U.S. Of the respondents, 95 percent said you were content with the time it took for the issue to arrive. If you ever experience a missed issue, or other concerns with mailing, our Circulation Manager Sarah is available to help by phone or by emailing ac.reiruocnaitsirhc@haras. Thank you for your continued support of the print version!

A few comments that came in via the survey:

“We realize that there is a greater volume of mail now. I have talked to our local mail employees and they are struggling to keep up. We can do our part by being patient.”

“Previous copies, especially since the Christmas 2020 issue, have taken much longer than the March 8, 2021 issue. So things are improving.”

“Of course we wouldn’t complain if it came earlier but we love finding it in our mailbox. Such great writing and artwork. Keep it coming!”


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