Christian Stewardship Services is all about sharing the blessings!

Last year you joined with Christian Stewardship Services as we celebrated our 40th anniversary of service to Christians in Canada.

This year we celebrate Reformation 500 with Christian Courier as the only Reformed Christian newspaper in Canada, and we thank them for bringing this event to the forefront where it deserves to be. May this year too be a year of much blessing!

Over the past 40 years, donors from coast to coast and from all walks of life, age groups and means have trusted Christian Stewardship Services (CSS) to help them in the stewardship planning, their generous giving, and the management of the financial blessings God has entrusted to them. We are mindful of the responsibility and humbled by the confidence you place in us each day. By God’s grace and His leading we have come this far, and look forward to the bright future and further blessing He has in store for CSS, our partner community and especially for you, Christian Courier readers, who answer the call of faithful giving.

We, as the grateful and happy staff of CSS you see here, would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your generosity, trust and support.

CSS offers you free and confidential advice and services to help you with your stewardship, estate planning and giving. CSS makes it easy to start (and complete) your first Will or Will review, and offers many tools to aid your giving to Canadian charities including Donor Advised Funds and receiving gifts of appreciated securities for your year end giving. CSS is proud to work with 40 Partners and many CRC Churches and Christian Schools to promote stewardship and giving, and to help their supporters put those ideas into practice.

Check our website or call today for an appointment with one of our professional and impartial Stewardship Consultants.

This article is sponsored by Christian Stewardship Services.

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