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Apologetics Canada aims for global reach

One of Canada’s thought-provoking Christian ministries has gone global.

Based in Abbotsford, B.C., Apologetics Canada is working on a new international project that will define what it means to be human and the value of life. 

“Humanism is a Christian idea,” executive director Andy Steiger explained. “Oftentimes we attribute it to secular thinking, but the original humanism is Christian. In many ways we want to reclaim that, and continue to foster the wonderful traditional we have [in] Christianity of fighting dehumanization.”

The project is a partnership between Apologetics Canada and Power to Change, another Canadian ministry based in B.C.

“It really works out well, because they have a lot of experience filming internationally,” Steiger told Christian Courier. “We were able to subsidize the cost between our two ministries. We both feel this material is really valuable right now to get out there.”

The organizations are filming the series in Ottawa, Ontario; Portland, Oregon; parts of Africa and Korea. 

The Human Series will complement the ministry’s Thinking Series, which looks at who God is, Steiger said. “The desire is to help churches foster these kinds of conversations in their communities in such a way that allows them to share the Gospel.”

Starting conversations has long been a mission for Apologetics Canada, which began in Steiger’s home in 2010 after he heard Lee Strobel talking about the mass exodus of young people from the faith.  

The Thinking Series is a five-part DVD resource that tackles the top
five questions our culture is asking today. These questions are:

  • What is the Meaning of Life?
  • Does God Exist?
  • Do All Religions Lead to God?
  • Why is There Evil?
  • Is There Life after Death?

“I was deeply concerned by the numbers he was quoting because I had been in ministry and was unaware of what was going on. He [said] that 80 to 90 percent of young people were leaving the church.”

Steiger, who had been working in pastoral ministry since graduating with his BA in Biblical Studies, said people did not embrace this new direction right away.

“A lot of people said this is an unusual ministry and weren’t really sure that it was needed,” he said. “But the ministry began to take off quickly, and people started realising how valuable it was. [Many] people know friends or family or sons or daughters who are leaving the faith or wrestling with difficult questions.” Steiger’s ministry provides resources for Christians to understand and communicate what they believe and why. Its stated mission is to “challenge believers to think and thinkers to believe.” The organization now runs three apologetics conferences in Canada each year. 

“The idea of apologetics and the word itself are becoming a household name. More and more people understand what it means and why it is important.”

The growing ministry has had some financial setbacks this year and find themselves $30,000 short of their goal for 2017, but Steiger said he doesn’t let that discourage him. “God has provided every time we have had our financial challenges.” 

The Human Series videos will be released in March 2018 and a book is expected to follow in 2019. 


  • Chandra Philip is a writer/journalist from Canada's West Coast. She has a passion for Jesus and apologetics. She reviews kids Christian content at chandraphilip.com

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