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A Worship Examen

What an examen might look like if it was applied to our corporate worship?

I was recently reviewing St. Ignatius’ daily examen – a process for reflecting on each day in conversation with God. Some people have taken this daily examen and adapted it to reflect on a whole year, which made me wonder what an examen might look like if it was applied to our corporate worship. With this in mind, I developed the following for you to consider:  

Step One: Begin, either individually or as a group, by asking God to make you aware of his presence and for the Spirit to speak truth to you. Pray for discernment and unity. 

Step Two: Include a time of gratitude for all that God has done in the past year through your worship. Be specific. 

Step Three: As you reflect on the past year, ask God to reveal missed opportunities: prayers that should have been prayed but weren’t, places where God was at work that were ignored, celebrations that didn’t happen, wrong priorities, and people that weren’t included. 

Step Four: Consider where God is leading you as a community. What are the needs of your congregants, community, nation, and world that need to be addressed through worship? What habits need to be broken, strengthened, or begun? What barriers need to be taken down, so that all may lead lives of worship? 

Step Five: Ask God to open your hearts to all he desires for your worship. What challenges and blessings await you? End your prayer by thanking God for all he has revealed. 

Know that you don’t need to journey alone. Worship Ministries has multiple ways for you to connect with and learn from other churches and worship leaders as well as share your own gifts. Email us at gro.ancrc@pihsrow or call 1-877-272-6202 to learn more. 

– This article was made possible through a partnership with CRC Ministries within Canada. 

  • Joyce is an ordained pastor, director of Worship Ministries for the CRC and editor of the quarterly journal Reformed Worship.

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