A Prayer of Lament

Where is God right now?

Lord, in case You haven’t noticed, things are falling apart down here.
Of course, I know You’re omniscient, so I realize that You are aware,
but I wonder if You’re really paying attention, Lord.

This corona virus is plaguing the entire globe,
and especially ravaging the poor, vulnerable and minorities,
who for so long have already been suffering so much pain and injustice.

In the plagues of long ago You spoke –
judgment against the enemy,
or sometimes correction on Your own people.
Is that it now, Lord?
I don’t really hear You speaking much at all.

And then the racial injustices that have become prevalent in recent months –
it’s painful to watch it,
and to hear our president’s insensitive harangues,
and even many who are called by Your Name turning a deaf ear,
refusing to see a need for change.

Lord, I feel like we’re getting clobbered by the forces opposing Your reign,
and I can’t tell that You are doing anything about it.
I wish You would get on the field, be visible,
and throw Your weight around against the adversary,
but maybe that’s expecting too much.

You’re supposed to at least be coaching us, aren’t You?
But I can’t really even tell that You are doing that.
If You are, it seems like some of our teammates are hearing much different strategy advice from You than others.

Or is Your role more as a referee?
Calling fouls and penalties on our evil opponents who are breaking all the rules.
If I were You, Lord, I would suspend them for the whole season.

But I’m not You.
You are in charge, Lord, I surrender to Your rule.
Convict me and correct me where I’m wrong.
Help me to focus more on fighting on Your side,
than on expecting You to fight on my side.


  • Stan Kruis

    Stan, who grew up in the U.S. and works for Resonate Global Mission, now lives in Manila where he teaches in the missions department at the Asian Theological Seminary. He’s served 25 years in the Philippines, in church planting, leadership training, small group ministry, Bible college and seminary teaching. He’s married to Bessie and they have two adult children.

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