Why the American election wasn’t as strange as you thought

I don’t normally discuss politics here, but after reading some articles in CC responding to my country’s Presidential election, I judged that it would be helpful for Canadians to hear an American perspective.

Despite the year-and-a-half of contrary assertions by the mainstream media (MSM) and their polls, I kept insisting that, barring unassailable voter fraud, Donald Trump would win, and likely in a landslide. Millions of ordinary Americans shared that assessment. How did we know?

The key word just above is “ordinary.” The MSM, Hillary Clinton and congressional leaders from both parties had an entrenched problem: they are far removed from the average person. They are multi-millionaires who think, act and live in isolated enclaves, primarily in New York and Washington, where they simply don’t associate with people unlike themselves. Secondly, they are “owned” by the corporate interests they work for (six corporations control 90 percent of the media) or who shelled out the quid-pro-quo money to put them in office. The extent to which the modern American system is controlled by special interests, and the havoc that has wreaked, cannot be exaggerated. That’s why Congress rarely “gets anything done.” Congress members and Presidents must walk the tightrope of satisfying the interests that got them into office and are keeping them there. Though Democrats and Republicans differ on some social issues, at heart the establishments of both parties have similar goals – goals that most ordinary Americans don’t share; and those Americans were thoroughly tired of being ignored.

As for Hillary, evidence reveals decades of deep Clinton corruption, from Bill’s Arkansas governorship to Hillary’s pay-for-play in the State Department (see Wikileaks), but the MSM didn’t point it out or help voters find it. But millions of Christians knew, and concluded they could never vote for her.

Demanding job
Enter Donald Trump, who financed his campaign with his own money and with small donations from millions of individual supporters. Trump will be the first President, essentially since George Washington, who will enter office with no IOUs except to ordinary citizens, who have a right to expect him to be their President. “Unbought” himself, he struck a strong chord with his promise to “drain the swamp”; when he said he would refuse the $400,000 Presidential salary and work for the love of it; and post-election in requiring Cabinet members and other high-level officials to sign five-year post-employment no-lobbying agreements.

Trump has never been poor, but grew up associating with and empathetic to tradesmen and construction workers. So his own billions weren’t an impediment to Americans who felt he understands them. They were also hopeful about Trump’s extraordinary administrative, organizational and negotiating skills. Optimistic about his approach to economic matters, a handful of companies – Ford, the latest – have (pre-inauguration as I write) already agreed to abandon foreign manufacturing plans and bring factories back to the U.S.

Trump has been vulgar in the past, and his campaign sound-bytes could sound nasty. Yet Trump is almost universally liked and respected by people who personally know him. You certainly wouldn’t know that from the last 18 months of daily news reports. To get at the truth, you had to compare disparate news sources, including online alternatives, and do that every day. Leaked John Podesta (HRC campaign chair) and Democratic National Committee emails revealed the extent to which the MSM dishonestly colluded with Hillary’s campaign. There were, and are, trillions at stake. A populist President Trump would be (is, they’re not giving up) a threat to the wealth, power and globalist vision of the powers that be. If Hillary won, no problem. So the MSM committed to making sure that would happen. Our sovereign God had other plans.

By several first-hand accounts Trump had a spiritual awakening during the campaign, when he was for months surrounded by a handful of Christian advisors (including VP Mike Pence) who daily prayed with and for him, and when thousands of his fellow citizens also prayed for him. How that will affect how Trump governs, I don’t know. But I will gladly join those who pray for discernment, wisdom, health and safety for my new President, in what is surely one of the most demanding jobs in the world.  


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