The cow lesson

Did you know that February 13 has been named Canada’s Agriculture Day? It must be a recent designation because I discovered that not many people in Telkwa and Smithers, B.C., knew about it. If you are on any agricultural websites, you may have received notes asking you to post messages, YouTube clips or Peeps (I think, considering those of us with chickens, Peeps is more appropriate than Tweets) highlighting the importance of agriculture in producing food for Canadians.  

By the way, who qualifies as a farmer to publicize Canada’s Agricultural Day? I don’t know, but according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, “a ranch or farm is any place from which $1,000 or more of agricultural products were produced and sold.”

So on February 13, I visited a school classroom at Telkwa Elementary School and celebrated agriculture by means of a slide show and discussion with the Grade 4 and 5 students in Mrs. DeWijn’s class. I’d love to present you with a photographic record of the children’s expressions, but security and privacy laws means I am not allowed. Instead, here are some of the students’ written reactions. 

“Today I learned that you can train Dexter cows to eat thistles and many more weeds.” 

“Today I learned that cows get eaten.” 

“Mr. Gesch’s thing about cows was cool and interesting. Today I learned that Dexter cows clean their babies when they’re first born.” 

“I didn’t know there was such a thing as a Dexter cow!”

“Mr. Gesch came in to our class. I found out that cows have four stomachs!” 

“Today I learned that Dexter cows hide their calves so people don’t find them.” 

“Today I learned that Dexters can eat just about anything. You can even train them to eat weeds.”   

“Today I learned that cows can eat anything green.”

“I am happy you taught us about cows and calves. P.S. I like the horns.” 

“Mr. Gesch taught me a lot about cows and their calves. At the end he gave us these cool pictures of cows.”  

“My favorite thing I learned about was that cows have 4 stomachs. I also like learning how Dexter cows clean their babies.”  

“I learned that Dexters have no top teeth!” 

“I think it is interesting that they have four stomachs and I thought they only had two.” 

“I learned so much about cows. Thank you so much Mr. Gesch.”  

  • Curt Gesch and his wife lead the singing via Zoom for a combined service of small United Church congregations in central B.C. each Sunday morning. In the afternoon, they lead a Friends and Family Zoom worship from their home. If you'd like to join that service, please write Curt at moc.liamg@36hcsegc

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