Jesus Loves Me

You are God's greatest miracle

I’m biking past canola, a bright yellow blanket of flowers, like fields of God’s glory. The sky is stretched grey and yawning overhead, and I hear the swish of a bird’s wing and the ribbiting of frogs.

And as I quiet my spirit, I hear the purest sound of all, a voice so quiet and so true:

I hear the Father say, “I love you.” I hear Jesus say, “I love you.” I hear the Spirit say, “I love you.”

Their love is something that makes a home in me, but tonight it burns brighter, a candle flickering, calling me to come closer. And as I do, I lean forward on the bike, straining to hear my Lord’s voice.

But I see him instead. I see my Saviour bending over a basin, washing my dirty feet. He smiles at me as he does it. I see him, leaving the 99 sheep to come and rescue me – the straggling lost rebel. I see him running down the path, a Father who hasn’t stopped praying for me to come home, arms open, so eager to see me even though I’ve squandered the very gift of life he gave me. He loves me. He loves me. He loves me.

And then I see them beating him. I see them beating my Saviour, and I see them yelling at him and stabbing thorns into his brow and he doesn’t fight them. He just keeps smiling at me.

I see him being pushed up a hill, bleeding and bruised and I grab his hand and beg him not to go and he smiles at me again, and says, “One day this will be our greatest victory. It will all turn around. Just wait and see.”

And as they nail him to the cross I hear, “I love you. I love you. I love you.”

If We Could See
It’s my birthday, and a friend sends me this message: 

“Only God saw you before you were born. He created wonderfully all the delicate, inner parts of your body and knit you together in your mother's womb. Your heart began to beat when you were only 22 days old. At three weeks, your eyes and ears could be seen; at six weeks, your fingers and toes appeared. At 11 weeks you could smile and frown. At nine months you were born!

“Inside your body is a wonderful, beautiful symphony of thousands of functions and chemical reactions that we know about and other endless ones only God knows about. All these functions and reactions happen at precisely the right time, at the right place, and for all the right reasons. Each moment of each day, the body is repairing tissue, creating new cells and balancing billions of tiny little operating systems.

“You are God's greatest miracle. He ‘tattooed’ your name on his hand. He counts all the hair on your head daily and all the days that you will live on this earth are before him (Psalm 139:13-16).”

And all I can think is – if only the world knew. If only our children knew. If only our leaders knew. All wars would cease, all hatred and selfishness would cease, if we could only see, if we could only hear, if we could only believe in the greatest love the world has ever known. 

The love of Jesus. 


  • Emily Wierenga is a wife and mother who is passionate about the church and lives in northern Alberta. She is the author of the memoirs Atlas Girl and Making it Home (Baker Books), and the founder of a non-profit working in Africa and Asia.

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