Evangelical mind, evangelical piety

John Wilson and Macy Halford discuss the fault lines around Evangelical identity.

EDITOR JOHN WILSON SPOKE in a session at the Festival of Faith and Writing, chronicling the rise and fall of the “Christian New York Review of Books” known as Books and Culture magazine, which published its last issue in 2016, after 21 years. Co-presenter Macy Halford just published a book on evangelical piety—a commentary of Oswald Chambers My Utmost, and although she has left her Dallas megachurch behind to write for The New Yorker, she still considers herself an evangelical, even if many see it mostly as a political block today. A Calvin professor spoke up and said evangelicalism is being unnecessarily divided between the pious and critical thinkers, two Christian qualities held together in life and writings of John Calvin and Abraham Kuyper.

  • Peter is Executive Director of Global Scholars Canada, a transnational guild of Christian scholars. He preaches, teaches and writes – having written columns, editorials, news and features for CC since 1997. His book The Subversive Evangelical: The Ironic Charisma of an Irreligious Megachurch (McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2019) is an ethnographic journey into the life of a megachurch and its “irreligious” charismatic leader. He loves stories that cross boundaries while maintaining integrity.

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