Doing Ministry One Cup of Coffee at a Time

Deacons in northern Alberta receive encouragement and training from a local ministry coach.

While many people believe a smile or song can communicate across barriers, Lucinda Klapwyk believes the universal language might, in fact, be coffee. Lucinda is one of 15 diaconal coaches that Diaconal Ministries Canada has stretched out across the country.

These coaches are available to train and equip deacons in the work that they do. Lucinda specifically focuses on Classis Alberta North where she visits deacons formally at meetings, and holds workshops for them.

For the last four years, Lucinda has also “set up shop” on the second and third Thursdays of the month at two local cafes in Edmonton. One is held in the morning at the Carrot Cafe. The other is at a local Second Cup in the evening.

“I’ve had the privilege of connecting with deacons informally over a coffee, to share what’s going on in their churches, their communities, or their own personal lives,” Lucinda shared about these coffee chats. “It’s been amazing to hear how God is at work in our city and beyond, and to see the diaconates of the Edmonton churches grow and blossom.”

Not only do these gatherings support local businesses, they also get deacons outside their church walls and into their community. Lucinda has had the privilege of facilitating collaboration and cross-pollination between organizations, churches, deacons, and pastors.

One cool story Lucinda shared was how she introduced a local church planter to another pastor, and these two continue to partner in ministry together!

Through Lucinda’s consistent “ministry of presence,” she has built trust and rapport with the churches she serves. When Lucinda began her work as a diaconal coach over nine years

ago, she would contact each church in her region to offer support and training.

“Now almost all of the churches I serve reach out to me with questions and to seek help!” she mused.

As Lucinda plans for future coffee chats, one idea she has is to incorporate field trips, visiting a local agency, such as the Edmonton Native Healing Centre, to see what they do, how churches can help/partner, and more.

Through their experience in diaconal work and their love for God and his people, diaconal coaches such as Lucinda are making a difference in countless ways as they encourage and equip deacons and churches across Canada.

This article was made possible through a partnership with CRC Ministries within Canada.


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