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Modern proverbs for a #blessed world

  • Let others declare your blessedness, and let uncertain silence be your response.
  • A song of blessing can only be sung in a minor key.
  • Blessing is rarely known in the moment; it must reveal itself through the pressures of time and the struggles of life.
  • A blessing that does not become a blessing of God is no blessing.
  • It is often more faithful to see your blessedness as an accident of the universe than an act of God.
  • If being #blessed is about you, you’re doing it wrong.
  • The thrift store is a more likely site of blessing than Aritzia.


  • Resentment of another’s blessedness is no blessing.
  • There is a necessary correlation between a blessing and a smile.
  • There is a necessary correlation between a blessing and tears.
  • “Grateful” is a better word than “blessed,” and gratitude is better expressed through living than speaking.

  • Look past your own blessed life to the life of your neighbour.
  • Every blessing either leads from the cross of Christ or to his cross.
  • Interrupt your own blessedness to show love and kindness.
  • Blessed are those who give generously to the poor then forget their own generosity.
  • Your body is blessed, even if you feel those rolls, or see those blemishes, or hate that nose.
  • The time of your life – its hours of joy, its moments of struggle – is your first blessing. 
  • It is not a blessing to live your best life; it is a blessing to give your best in love.
  • Glitter is not a blessing! But little boys and girls who love it are.
  • You can only be blessed with others.
  • “Blessed” and “Loved” live constantly in each other’s orbits.

  • To be a blessing to another is to live in gratitude for her life.
  • There is blessing in correction, in the beautiful realization that you were wrong.
  • Jesus proclaims both blessings and woes, but even his blessings are often received as woes.
  • It is more blessed to give than to receive, but not when you’re giving someone grief.
  • If you want to bless another, you must disappear in the process. #kierkegaard
  • A blessing declared on Instagram generates a miniature black hole somewhere in the universe.
  • A blessing from God generates uncertainty, bewilderment and gratitude, in equal measure. 
  • Contentment, happiness, satisfaction, wonder and appreciation sometimes lead to blessing.
  • The Lord gives, and the Lord takes away; #blessed be the name of the Lord.


  • Roland De Vries

    Roland De Vries is Principal of The Presbyterian College, Montreal, and a Lecturer in the School of Religious Studies, McGill University. He teaches in a variety of areas including Missional Theology, Reformed Tradition, and Global Christianity. Roland has also previously served as a Pastor in two congregations in Montreal. He and his wife Rebecca (a nurse) have three teenage/young adult children.

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