A Reflection of God’s Love in West Africa

Tensions between Christians and some Islamic sects are resulting in horrific violence – tensions that have only grown during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Motherhood often means making difficult choices. Bahati* knows this better than most people. 

The first time Bahati heard biblical radio messages at her home in Niger, she was intrigued. Her Muslim upbringing didn’t prepare her for this side of the Christian faith. She knew that listening could be dangerous for her as well as her two children. But something in her heart told her to keep listening to the daily messages. 

Bahati’s father eventually caught her. Furious, he kicked her and her children out of the house. He also told her employers that she had become a Christian. They then fired her, leaving her homeless and unemployed.

“Because of her belief in Jesus, Bahati and her daughter were forced to sleep under a tree,” said Rev. Marc Nabie, Back to God Ministries International’s (BTGMI) French ministry coordinator.

Bahati’s situation is similar to what many BTGMI listeners face throughout West Africa. Growing tensions between Christians and some Islamic sects are resulting in horrific violence – tensions that have only grown during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“A well-known pastor was one of the first to contract the virus,” says Nabie. “There may very well be more violence.”

Out of options, Bahati made her way to the offices in Niger where BTGMI partners with Words of Hope to broadcast messages like the ones Bahati heard.

“We connected Bahati and her daughter to a local church where she now worships and is receiving help,” shares a BTGMI ministry partner in Niger.

Nearly one year after Bahati arrived at BTGMI’s shared offices, Nabie visited her on a recent trip to Niger. Bahati’s smile alone told him and other BTGMI staff that her life had greatly improved.

“The first time we met Bahati she looked exhausted,” reports another BTGMI staff member who was on the trip. “But nearly a year later, she seemed happy. You get the sense that she finally feels free to wear her Christianity on the outside.”

With help from her church community, Bahati now has a place to live as well as access to formal biblical training. Praise God for his work through this community of believers.


  • Communications Manager with Back to God Ministries International.

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