50 CC readers share their screen time habits

Infographic shares survey results

TV. Games. Texting. Facebook. YouTube. Movies. Homework. Skype. These are just few of the platforms that draw us in. Recommended guidelines for children’s health and development in the digital world compete with new and exciting devices and programs. What’s the appropriate place for technology in our lives? How much time should we give to our screens? CC conducted an informal survey to find out. Most of our respondents thought that one hour a day is appropriate for children, which fits the Canadian Paediatric Society’s June 2017 recommendation for kids under five, but nearly everyone also said that the average for their own kids is much higher. Three-quarters said that screen time is an issue in their household. Over 40 percent identified “relaxation” or “quiet/down time” as their primary reason for allowing their children to use computer, TV or devices. But along with concerns about excessive screen time, our readers shared many redeeming and edifying benefits of the digital world as well. 

Click here to view the full infographic sharing results from the survey. 


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