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Write for us

Established 70 years ago, Christian Courier is an independent biweekly that seeks to engage creatively in critical Christian journalism, connecting Christians with a network of culturally savvy partners in faith for the purpose of inspiring all to participate in God’s renewing work with his creation.

If you'd like to write for us, email Angela @ Editor  or Monica @ Features Editor.  For book or movie reviews email Brian.

Christian Courier faces financial constraints. However, we remain committed to paying our authors and other contributors an honorarium for their work. We encourage our authors to enjoy a subscription to CC in lieu of payment where possible. Thank you!

Honorariums (Canadian dollars):

Editorials                            $45
Columnists                          $45
Reviews                              $45
Features, news stories         $70 
Original art & poetry           $45

All news, features, and other written content is paid a flat rate regardless of length.

Original art includes any work of art created by the contributor who supplies a hi-resolution digital image of this work to CC for the purpose of publishing this image. The author provides copyright for this purpose only. This can include illustrations, infographics, cartoons, paintings, etc.

Christian Courier’s part-time staff and contractors, including all its editors, who contribute reviews, features/news, or original art/poetry will receive an honorarium like any other freelance writer when these freelance pieces are not part of their regular, routine work assignments. For example, an editor who writes a news feature will receive a $70 honorarium.     

CC doesn’t pay for the following submissions:

Photos taken by authors to illustrate their stories, bio photos, etc.
Articles supplied by authors who report on their own organizations (i.e. employees, consultants or contract workers associated with the organization)
Article supplied by authors who were part of mission trips and similar travel with non-profit organizations with the purpose of sharing these experiences with a wider audience for missional  purposes.

We encourage payment by direct deposit. Email when your contribution is accepted for print.