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15 Christmas gift ideas for seniors.

As the holiday approaches, most of us will have one or more seniors on our shopping list, and will be facing the annual problem of what to buy someone who already has everything – or at least everything they want or have room for! Being one of those difficult-to-buy-for seniors myself, I’ve come up with the following list that will help you find an appropriate gift for the seniors on your list, or ideas to give your family when they ask.

  • Take them to the mall to see the lights and decorations and to hear Christmas music.
  • Drive them around town to see Christmas decorations, and stop for hot chocolate.
  • Plan a visit with the kids and grandkids.
  • Pay their heating bill for one month.
  • Give gift cards to stores such as the Dollar Store or Walmart – not those high-end stores.
  • Provide a few greeting cards for birthdays and other holidays (that they can send to friends or family), with a nice box to store them in.
  • Test their smoke alarm and change the battery, if needed.
  • Organize a family workday to clean their house and/or yard.
  • Put up and take down their Christmas decorations.
  • Pass on individual meals packaged and frozen from casseroles or dishes made for the family.
  • Box up a supply of breath mints, gum, granola bars or other favorite treats.
  • Replenish their supply of tea or coffee, if they drink either.
  • Volunteer to help them organize and update their paperwork monthly or quarterly, as needed.
  • Have a son or older grandson volunteer a morning or afternoon to do handyman projects, such as hanging pictures, fixing dripping faucets and so on.
  • Give a pretty scarf for a woman, baseball cap for a man.

What every senior wants more than anything is your time and attention – in whatever form that might take.

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