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Several years ago, author Eric Walters co-founded an organization called Creation of Hope in the Mbooni District in Kenya. Creation of Hope runs an orphanage and supports impoverished children and other orphans living in family settings.

Each year, when Walters spent time in Kenya with his African friends, he heard many aphorisms, also called proverbs, which conveyed universal truths in daily conversations. Impressed by the wisdom they imparted, he decided to publish a children’s picture book collection of 15 aphorisms from throughout Africa. He asked artists from Canada, Ghana, South Africa, the United States, Scotland and Zimbabwe to illustrate them. The result is a book filled with diverse artistic styles – a visual feast and a multicultural experience.

Many North Americans have heard the aphorism, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Walters includes it in his book, along with lesser known aphorisms, such as, “No one tests the depth of water with both feet;” “When in the middle of a river, do not insult the crocodile;” and “There’s always a winner, even in a monkey’s beauty contest.” For each aphorism, Walters adds a note about its origin and a helpful, brief explanation of its meaning.

From the Heart of Africa will give young readers insights into the universal experience of being a human being, no matter who you are or where you’re from.  


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