Burro Train

This trial came heavy-laden
like a burro train toiling toward me
up a steep road and under great burden –
bundles of unasked-for freight,
bags of unlooked-for shipments,
sacks of undisclosed cargo.
The burros halted long, so long;
they tarried the interminable night
and in the dark their packs
were unloaded all the while.

Dawn broke; they moved away
and there I stood …
heaped about by treasure –
faith gleaming like gold,
hope shining like silver,
wisdom, patience, joy sparkling like gems –

Oh, I found at break of day
that to Your children
the burro trains come richly laden;
You do not let them come
any other way. 


Niagara artist Melani Pyke has a passion to use her artistic gifts to bring hope and encouragement to others’ lives, which is evident in her live performance paintings, teaching and custom pieces. Melani lives in Crystal Beach, Ont.


  • Sandy Mayle

    Sandy Mayle is a freelance writer who lives with her husband, Dave, in Erie, Pa.

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